The ‘Strategy for education policy of the Czech Republic 2030+’ (Strategy 2030+) is expected to be finalised by spring 2020, setting the directions for Czech education in the next decade.

A team of eight experts have started preparing part of the strategy, namely the guidelines for an education policy defining the vision, priorities and goals for the education policy and system. The expert team’s work started in January 2019 and is expected to be finalised by September 2019. The complete Strategy 2030+ is to be finalised by spring 2020. The process is based on transparency and openness, and involves the widest range of key actors. It includes a series of expert and public consultations and round tables on the vision and objectives of the education policy and its implementation.

In February 2019, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports organised the conference ‘Strategy for education policy of the Czech Republic 2030+: challenges and vision for the Czech education system’, which has opened a discussion on the objectives, content and outcomes of education and on the revision process of key curricular documents (the so-called framework educational programmes). The revision process triggered a strong national debate and is expected to be aligned with the Strategy 2030.

Some guidelines were provided through a 2017 external evaluation of the implementation of the Strategy 2020. It showed that three key priorities (reducing inequality in education, supporting high-quality teaching and teachers, and governing the system in a responsible and efficient manner), as well as the majority of the specific objectives and measures remain highly relevant. The evaluation also revealed a need for better-linked strategic documents and for better strategic management of the education system to allow a flexible response to shifts in society in the post-2020 period. It is also necessary to strengthen research and to review the existing data collection and analyses. Better support should be provided to teachers and head-teachers. Finally, responsibilities of key actors in the system should be defined more accurately and the measurability of individual objectives of the strategies should be improved.

All aspects mentioned need to be reflected in the Strategy 2030+. The strategy is also to be aligned with the national strategic document Czech Republic 2030 as a main framework for long-term strategic planning within the State administration, which also ensures transparency for the professional and the general public. Czech Republic 2030 is being shaped in cooperation with the relevant ministries to provide direction when elaborating on strategic and conceptual documents. Currently, Czechia has some 150 strategic and conceptual documents.  

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