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Results arising from programmes and initiatives managed by the DG EAC

Evaluation of mechanisms for the dissemination and exploitation of the results arising from programmes and initiatives managed by the Directorate-General for Education and Culture

This evaluation considered the mechanisms employed to disseminate and exploit the results of programmes and initiatives managed by DGEAC. It was undertaken by ECOTEC Research & Consulting Ltd between July 2005 and January 2006. It was strategic in nature and was therefore not a standard programme/initiative evaluation. Instead, it was cross-cutting in that it looked at one particular element of several programmes and initiatives, i.e. dissemination and exploitation. It was strategic in that it considered systems and structures across all programmes and initiatives. Finally, it was forward-looking, being concerned as much, if not more, with seeing what can be done as with evaluating the impact of what has been done.

The evaluation covered the main programmes and initiatives of DG EAC from 2000 to the first half of 2005, along with the plans for dissemination and exploitation within the new generation of programmes proposed for 2007-13. The table below shows the policy domains and programmes and initiatives covered.

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