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Monitoring and Analysis of Flexicurity Policies

EMCO Report

Flexicurity has been an important issue in the work programme of EMCO in 2007 and 2008. It is highly relevant as integrated flexicurity policies are seen as an important tool for dealing with the effects of the economic crisis.

The Indicators Group has worked to provide technical advice and support by identifying and developing indicators to monitor, analyse and present the performance of Member States with the respect to flexicurity. The assessment of flexicurity is complex and a holistic approach is essential showing the combination and the interaction between the four dimensions: contractual arrangements, life long learning, active labour market policies and modern social security systems.

This report summarises how flexicurity policies can be monitored and analysed within the present framework of EES indicators. A graphical way has been used to improve visualisation of change of the multidimensional phenomenon. As data availability puts a restriction on the monitoring of flexicurity, the charts in this report present the framework for the monitoring and a deliberate choice of the most relevant indicators for which data is available.Although this report should be seen as a final report, further development of the assessment of flexicurity policies should be done as new indicators and data become available. [extract]

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