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On judicial training in the European Union

Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament and the Council: on judicial training in the European Union
Brussels, 29.06.2006
COM(2006) 356 final

On 29 June 2006 the Commission adopted a Communication on judicial training in the European Union. The aim is to devote more resources to this type of training at European level even though responsibility in this area lies primarily with the Member States. Although the EU has been supporting training in European issues for judges, prosecutors and lawyers for some years, it is important to reinforce these activities.

Owing to the different legal and judicial traditions in the Member States, there are substantial differences between their existing judicial training arrangements. It is not for the EU to interfere in the organisation of national training systems. But strengthening mutual trust entails developing training sufficiently and devoting sufficient resources to it.

Judges, lawyers and prosecutors must be able to receive training of an equivalent level and quality in all the Member States. This judicial training should focus on three main areas:

  • increasing the familiarity of legal practitioners with the Unions legal instruments;
  • improving mutual knowledge of the judicial systems of the Member States;
  • improving language training.

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