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Framework for co-operation in higher education, training and youth between the EU and Canada

Proposal for a Council Decision on the signature/conclusion of the Agreement between the European Community and the government of Canada establishing a framework for co-operation in the fields of higher education, training and youth.
Brussels, 7.6.2006
COM(2006) 274 final

The general objectives of this Agreement shall be to:

  • Promote mutual understanding between the peoples of the European Union and Canada including broader knowledge of their languages, cultures and institutions;
  • Improve the quality of human resources in both the European Community and Canada, by facilitating the acquisition of skills required to meet the challenges of the global knowledge-based economy.

The specific objectives of the Agreement shall be to:

  • Reinforce a European Community and a Canadian value-added dimension to transatlantic cooperation in higher education, training and youth;
  • Contribute to transatlantic exchanges between citizens of both the European Union and Canada;
  • Contribute to the development of higher education and training institutions, as well as youth structures and organisations;
  • Promote and/or enhance partnerships among stakeholders active in the areas of higher education, training and youth in the European Community and Canada;
  • Contribute to the professional development of individuals while achieving the general objectives of the Agreement;
  • Develop opportunities for dialogue and exchanges on youth policy and youth work.

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