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Facilitating access, active citizenship and social inclusion

Enhanced cross-sectoral and multi-professional network-based cooperation, increased dialogue and strategic partnerships among all key players and stakeholders are considered remedies for making lifelong guidance become a reality in the Member States.

The Cedefop peer learning event on the National Lifelong Guidance Policy Forums was held in Thessaloniki on 4-5 June 2008.

It was targeted at approx. 20 European policy - and decision makers, social partners, researchers and representatives of international associations/ organisations involved in the area of lifelong guidance.

The main objectives of the event were:
- To exchange expertise and experience of designating national guidance forums.
- To reinforce the policy coordination role of the forums in the Member States.

The main challenges will be:
- To ensure that citizens have easy access to high quality guidance services.
- To ensure that services are coherent and holistically organised,
- To ensure that they support citizens ability to formulate personal action plans for further learning, career management and other life goals.

Involving citizens in the design, development, evaluation and management of guidance services is also recommended.

Professionalisation of guidance counsellors in education and employment sectors will continue, as they have a crucial role in guidance service delivery and development.


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