Cedefop Skills intelligence section brings insights on jobs and skills requested in online job advertisements. Based on an ongoing Cedefop project, these insights now cover 28 European countries. More than 100 million of online job ads were collected and analysed, covering period of July 2018 till December 2021. The analysis provides information on most required occupations and skills across European countries and regions based on established international classifications: ISCO-08 for occupations, NUTS-2 for regions, ESCO for skills and NACE rev. 2 for sectors.

This visualisation provides data for latest calendar year. For quarterly updates of the data, please visit this web page. Please note that Cedefop's skills intelligence based on OJAs is being continuously improved. Posted by millions of employers on thousands of websites, without standard structure or format, the data undergo extensive cleaning and processing. Sound analysis and contextualisation helps avoid interpretation errors and biases. It is advised to use Skills-OVATE as a complement to other sources, such as skills or household surveys. Please read Cedefop’s publications to learn about OJA based skills intelligence and challenges related to use of big data to inform skills policies.