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Latvia: national VET quality assurance uses European indicators

EQAVET implementation started in 2013. In 2016, the government approved the use of EQAVET indicators to improve existing quality assurance arrangements in the national system:

  • teacher participation in the professional competence development;
  • learner participation in vocational education programmes;
  • vocational education graduates;
  • graduate employment: use of skills acquired at the workplace;
  • inclusion of risk groups in vocational education;
  • identification of demand for vocational education programmes in the labour market;
  • greater access to vocational education programmes.

VET provider annual self-assessment reports will include data on those indicators to be assessed by the State Education Quality Service.

In 2016, with the support of an Erasmus+ project, the quality service also designed instruments for schools to collect information on VET programme relevance for the labour market needs; questionnaires were addressed to employers, sector and local government representatives, in-company trainers, students and graduates. The piloting of questionnaires has provided information on necessary improvements in VET school cooperation with in-company trainers.

Using EQAVET recommendations in the Latvian vocational education quality assurance system strengthens the single, high quality evidence-based approach to quality assurance and provides feedback loops to support system adjustments.


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