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Employers' surveys on skill needs: feasibility work

Expert workshop, 7-8 May 2009, Milan, Italy

On 7-8 May 2009, Cedefop organised a third expert workshop on a common approach to employers' surveys as a tool for identification of skill needs.

The aim of this workshop was to present and discuss with experts from Skillsnet (Cedefop's network on early identification of skill needs) the interim results of the feasibility study on employer's survey on skill needs, including details of the methodology used; to discuss the draft questionns on skill needs for a common European survey and/or for a common module of national surveys; to update knowledge on available international surveys related to the employer survey's on skill needs, and to propose specific future steps for a further follow up.

Workshop documents are available below.


Workshop conclusions

EN146.42 KB

State of the art – International surveys - Monica Redaelli

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Draft questionnaire on skill needs - Emilio Colombo

EN1.13 MB

Measuring skill needs through employers surveys: problems and methods - Emilio Colombo

EN727.27 KB

Interviews with experts: main results - Paola Zito

EN115.93 KB

Potential use of existing international surveys: Continuous Vocational Training Survey - Sylvain Jouhette

EN2.19 MB

Matching PIAACs Job Requirements Approach with an empoyers survey - Mark Keese

EN442.84 KB

Improving anticipation of changing skill needs: what can we expect from employers’ surveys? - Rob Wilson

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What information can we expect from employers? - Alena Zukersteinvova

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List of participants

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