The purpose of this Communication is to set out the next steps in dealing with the crisis and leading the EU to recovery. It contains an ambitious programme of financial sector reform, reviews the measures being taken to sustain demand, boost investment and retain or create jobs and sets out a process for preparing the Employment Summit in May.

Some of the measures proposed for alleviating the human cost of the crisis is to ensure rapid (re-) integration into the labour market: vocational training and support for the disadvantaged, changes in sickness or disability benefits, and new eligibility rules for unemployment benefits.

Some elements prposed which can help Member States in the design of appropriate and effective measures are investing in re-training and skills upgrading particularly for workers on short time and in sectors that are declining. Preference should be given to training targeted at future labour market needs, such as green jobs. Anticipation of future skills needs should therefore be promoted.

Employment Services should be enhanced to cope with increased unemployment.


 Reference: Communication to the Spring European Council: Driving European recovery. COM(2009) 114 final, 4.3.2009