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Access to Cedefop European skills and jobs survey

Before obtaining access to the microdata of Cedefop’s European skills and jobs survey (ESJS), please fill in this pre-registration form.

You will then receive a confirmation of your registration of interest and an automatic download link will be sent to you.

declaration disclaimer

Declaration of disclaimer of data source

I formally declare that I will properly cite the ESJS dataset in any form of public output or dissemination activity (e.g. research studies, reproduction of statistics, graphs or tables, use in digital or virtual environments etc.) as follows:

European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop). Cedefop European skills and jobs survey (ESJS), Wave 1, Spring 2014 [computer file], 1st edition, Thessaloniki: Greece, Downloaded from:


I further commit to informing Cedefop (email: when any such form of output or dissemination activity is made publicly available.

I give my consent for Cedefop to reproduce on Cedefop’s web portal any publicly available outputs that have used the ESJS data, and to include my personal information in its own database of ESJS users with the purpose of:

  • developing a pool of ESJS users and experts for the purposes of future invitations to Cedefop conferences/workshops and/or for invitation to participate in the expert groups of future waves of the survey.
  • facilitating the reproduction of research and publicly available data analysis using the ESJS data via Cedefop’s web portal.

For more information please see the related Information to Data Subjects.

I shall not distribute the ESJS microdata to any other party but request from them to gain access to the dataset via the formal pre-registration channel.

Copyright: ESJS data remains Cedefop copyright.

Copyright statement: The following copyright statement should be featured if you publish ESJS output: "ESJS microdata are Cedefop copyright and are reproduced with the permission of Cedefop."

Confidentiality: Cedefop microdata have incorporated safeguards against possible identification of any particular person or household. The licensee shall not use the ESJS output to attempt to obtain or derive information relating specifically to an identifiable individual or household, nor claim to have obtained or derived such information.

Reference to Cedefop main ESJS report:

Cedefop (2015), Skills, qualifications and jobs in the EU: the making of a perfect match?, Cedefop Reference Series 103, Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, downloaded from:

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