In June, the Ministry of Labour launched two strategic initiatives to provide vocational education and training, including apprenticeship and labour market/career guidance for a total of 5 000 youngsters around the country.

The strategic projects will be cofinanced by the ESF. The total estimated budget for the two initiatives is to the tune of EUR 10 million, of which 9% is to be provided by the Ministry and partner organisations. Following a competitive procedure, the Ministry of Labour selected consortia to put these initiatives into practice. They include trade unions and employer federations (the Romanian federation of small and medium-sized enterprises and the National trade union bloc, as well as some consultancies and NGOs).

Each project will cover four of the country’s eight development regions and target 2 500 youngsters. Their duration will be 18 months. By the end of the programme, around 70% of participants should have received specific vocational training which will enable them to exercise a recognised occupation.