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Seminar outcomes on Individual learning accounts: An incentive for financing continuing vocational education and training

On 31 January Cedefop held a seminar, Individual Learning Accounts, an incentive for financing continuing vocational education and training, which presented the results of research on financing CVET through such accounts.

Topics included how public policies and employment services develop ILAs and link them to career management and training, how social partners can co-finance ILAs, and what the successes and failures of trial ILA schemes show.

The seminar concluded that the evidence so far shows a positive correlation between ILAs and increased participation in education and training. ILAs and related funding schemes also have a positive impact on motivation. Results from pilot projects from 11 countries show that targeting ILAs to specific groups is effective, provided that quality assurance and guidance issues are addressed properly.

For further information on the seminar and on ILAs, please see the contact details in the below link to the Announcement


Seminar conclusions

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Hans Schόtze

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Nicholas Fox - Presentation

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Amy Sherman - Presentation

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Claudia Villante

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Hazel Rutherford

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Toon Janssen

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Joseba Inaki Ibarra

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Simon Gugh

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Roger Fox

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Nicholas Fox

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Cees Doets

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Jonathan Dalton

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Pier Giorgo Cattini

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Mieke Augustyns

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Claudia Villante - Presentation

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Claudia Thierfelder - Presentation

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Peter Szovics - Presentation

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Hazel Rutherford - Presentation

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Jean Marie Luttringer - Presentation

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Toon Janssen - Presentation

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Joseba Inaki Ibarra - Presentation

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Dieter Dohmen - Germanys 3 pillar model - Presentation

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Dieter Dohmen - Europa and overview - Presentation

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Cees Doets - Presentation

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Jonathan Dalton - Presentation

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Pier Giorgo Cattini - Presentation

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Fritz Bauer - Presentation

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Final Agenda

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