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Guidance and Diversity: Research and Applications

IAEVG International Conference

The central theme of the conference will be Diversity in Relation to Guidance

The conference will focus in particular on the analysis of theoretical aspects, on the comparison of cross-cultural experiences around the world, and on the identification of good vocational guidance practice, especially in relation to individuals and groups with special needs.

Four main areas will be explored:

  • Reality of Diversity:
  • Towards a definition of diversity, diversity in an international scenario, and diversity in relation to vocational guidance;
  • Challenges and demands for the guidance practice;
  • Challenges and demand to enter the employment system;
  • Diversity and new paradigms in guidance development theory as well as in guidance practice and training.
Mr Mika Launikari presents Cedefops work in the area of guidance as well as brings Cedefops greetings to the conference.

Event Details

04/09/2007 - 06/09/2007
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