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Evidence-based policy making in guidance

Increasing the voice of young adults in developing education-to-work transitions

The transition from education to working life for young people has become more complex and less linear. Hence, supporting the integration of young adults in society and working life and making better use of their potential are essential for ensuring a return to sustained and sustainable growth in Europe.

As a consequence, the guidance policy-making is being challenged as the multiple and increasingly diversified information, guidance and counselling needs of young people cannot necessarily be catered for by the current guidance service provision. Therefore, more emphasis will have to be put on collecting and analysing data on the guidance needs of young adults at their transition from education to work in order to improve the evidence base for the guidance policy making in the Member States and at the European Union level.

The peer learning event Evidence-based policy making in guidance Increasing the voice of young adults in developing education-to-work transitions will work towards finding ways for broadening and deepening the future evidence base on how young adults experience the existing guidance provision as regards their transition from education to the labour market. Consequently, the event will discuss how young adults and their experiences in the given area could be better integrated into policies and practices influenced and determined by policy- and decision-makers at local, regional, national and European levels.

Some 20 European experts (European Commission, social partners, researchers, guidance providers, trainers and administrators) have been invited to attend this closed Cedefop event.


5. M.Brugia - Opening speech

EN40.5 Ko

14. C. Smith - Presentation

EN609 Ko

3. Final agenda

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2. Peer Learning event - agenda

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13. E.W.Schmid - Presentation

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4. V. Brown - Presentation

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15. Suomalainen - Presentation

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10. S. Paleocrassas - Presentation

EN199 Ko

16. R. Vuorinen - Presentation

EN127.5 Ko

7. M. Launikari - Presentation

EN4.33 Mo

6. M. Gylfadottir - Presentation

EN9.6 Mo

12. G. Rott - Presentation

EN231 Ko

9. C. Meng - Presentation

EN189 Ko

11. B. Ravn - Presentation

EN2.38 Mo

8. A. Lice - Presentation

EN1.43 Mo

1. Background note

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Event Details

19/11/2007 - 20/11/2007
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Cedefop, Thessaloniki
Invitation only

Event Contacts

Mika Launikari
Lifelong Guidance Project Manager
Tel. 30-2310-490104 (extention)