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Adult refugee legal mobility: 1st National workshop in Portugal

Matching adult refugees’ skills with labour market needs for lawful and safe pathways to protection in Portugal

Cedefop’s project on Adult refugee legal mobility seeks to conceptualize and pilot a skills-based complementary pathway that allows lawful and safe pathways to protection of adult refugees by drawing on their human capital potential and labour market needs.

The central element of such a pathway is the matching of skills and qualifications of refugees and the labour market needs in a potential destination country. The matching shall allow refugees to move from a country of asylum to a new destination country in view of employment.

The aims of this workshop are the following:

  • present the value proposal of the concept of a skills-based complementary pathway for lawful and safe pathways to protection of adult refugees based on matching their skills with labour market needs;
  • depend the discussion with the representatives of the participating organizations on the rationale and the functions of the mechanism;
  • investigate possible interest of the participating organisations in such a pathway to refugees’ protection and in being actively involved in developing a country specific solution based on the general concept/theoretical framework,
  • define the role the participants could play and plan the next steps on how such a mechanism could be implemented in Portugal.

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High Commission for Migration / Confederation of Portuguese Business
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Event Contacts

Ioannis Katsikis
Ramona Carmen David Craescu