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6th International Conference on Adult Education CONFITEA VI

CONFINTEA VI will be hosted by Brazil in Belm from 19 to 22 May 2009, seeks to regenerate the international momentum for adult learning and education.

The overall thrust of CONFINTEA VI will be to draw attention to the relation and contribution of adult learning and education to sustainable development, conceived comprehensively as including social, economic, ecological and cultural dimensions.

The themes to be explored at CONFINTEA VI will include: policies, structures and financing for adult learning and education; factors conducive to inclusion and participation in adult learning and education; the quality of adult learning and education; literacy and other key competencies; and the role of adult learning and education for critical citizenship and the eradication of poverty. These themes are also taken up in all the regional preparatory conferences, with variations according to the specific regional context.

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19/05/2009 - 22/05/2009
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