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Contact the team

You may use this section to:

  • suggest a new good practice or tool to be added to the toolkit;
  • give feedback on the content of the toolkit or send us an enquiry.

Send us your feedback or enquiry

To give us feedback, please include in your message the address of the page you are commenting about.

Send us your feedback or enquiry by email to

What will happen after your submission

Submitted templates are reviewed and processed by the VET toolkit team and if relevant added to the toolkit's resources.

A good practice or tool to be included in Cedefop toolkit resources, it has to:

  • be focused on tackling early leaving from education and training;
  • be relevant to VET; and
  • have some evidence of its success, proven through its monitoring and/or evaluation.

As part of the quality assurance process, you will be contacted for further clarifications on the information provided in the template and you will receive the final version to be published.

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