After participating in a study visit, education and vocational training professionals come back to work with new ideas and new connections.

‘[The study visit] has been an unforgettable experience that offers incentives at different levels: professional development, understanding the European educational reality, learning languages. It gives a new meaning to the knowledge we have about our own educational system and helps to predict educational trends in the coming years’ (Director of a public school from Spain).

Almost 60 % of participants in the Study visits programme for education and vocational training professionals ‘find solutions to work problems during the visit’, according to the programme’s impact assessment. They also come back to work with new ideas: 55 % suggested changes to the work of their institution, and 34 % suggested policy changes.

‘What was valuable to me was not only to learn the host country’s strategy but to see it in action. To meet "soldiers" not "generals".’ (Representative of national authority from the Czech Republic).

Most of the changes they suggested involved new ways of managing their work or a wider philosophy of management; new ways of working within their teams, partnerships with business; and new teaching methods and leaner-centred classrooms. In policy, they suggested improvements to, among other issues, investing in ICT and manager training. About a third of participants developed and submitted cooperation projects after finding partners as a result of the visit.

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