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Press release - Training for a green economy: urgent tasks for Europe

Skills for a low-carbon economy are of vital importance to Europe. Cedefop’s latest work suggests priorities for policy-makers.

Cedefop’s forthcoming study Skills for Green Jobs looks at the skills needed to develop a low-carbon economy in six Member States (Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Spain and the UK). The new Cedefop briefing note summarises the main results.



Formazione per un’economia ecologica: compiti urgenti per l’Europa

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Former pour l’économie verte: tâches urgentes pour l’Europe

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Formar para una economía verde: tareas urgentes para Europa

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Επαγγελματική κατάρτιση για την πράσινη οικονομία: προτεραιότητες για την Ευρώπη

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Ausbildung für eine grüne Wirtschaft: Europas dringliche Aufgaben

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Training for a green economy: urgent tasks for Europe

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