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Skillsnet e-bulletin: June 2016

New analytical highlights on occupations just published on the Skills Panorama
Skillsnet e-bulletin: June 2016 issue
Skillsnet e-bulletin: June 2016 issue

The SKILLSNET e-bulletin June 2016 Issue has just been send to skillsnet members and published here in a pdf format.

The highlight of the June issue of the Skillsnet e-bulletin refers to the publication of the new occupation higlights on the Skills Panorama.

New occupational analytical highlights offer valuable insights on the trends for skills as well as analyses of the drivers of change for a total of over 30 occupations. They provide succinct information about the occupation, its future prospects and key trends in skills based on a thorough analysis of the most pertinent drivers of change as well as potential responses to the key skills challenges identified. 

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Skillsnet e-bulletin: June 2016

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