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Medium-term forecast of occupational skill needs in Europe: final results

11-12 December 2008, Cambridge

Cedefop organised the sixth technical workshop on European skills forecasting, with the participation of experts from Skillsnet, Cedefops international network on skill needs.

This workshop discussed the draft final results of the project on the medium-term forecast of the skill supply in Europe.

Workshop presentations are available below. 



EN110.58 KB

Workshop rationale and objectives - Peter Szovics

EN123.49 KB

Medium-term forecasts of skill supply in Europe: an overview - Rob Wilson

EN321.32 KB

Labour supply projections within the E3ME framework - Hector Pollitt

EN220.52 KB

Forecasting of the inflow of graduates on the labour market at all education levels - Arnaud Dupuy

EN164.45 KB

Explaining numbers in stocks of those acquiring qualifications - Ilias Livanos and Rob Wilson

EN457.84 KB

Identifying future labour market imbalances - Frank Coervers

EN479.29 KB

Workshop conclusions

EN62.11 KB

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