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Cedefop and the European Parliament to hold joint seminar on skills and the economic crisis

Cedefop, together with MEP Ole Christensen, is organising a seminar at the European Parliament in Brussels which will focus on how the development of skills can contribute to overcoming the economic crisis.

Skills and competence drive change and innovation in our economies and help make our societies more equitable and inclusive. A clear skills strategy is therefore imperative if we are to move successfully towards recovery, and beyond.
Such a strategy should look beyond immediate needs. We will need to take long-term trends and challenges into account if we are to steer both education and training, and employment policies, in the right direction.
Key speakers:   

  • Ole Christensen, Member of the European Parliament 
  • Laszló Andor, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion 
  • Odile Quintin, Director-General for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth
  • Aviana Bulgarelli, Director of Cedefop
  • Jorgen Ronnest, Business Europe 
  • Jozef Niemiec, Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation

Skills and competence to overcome the crisis. 2 March 2010
15.00-17.30  at the European Parliament, PHS 7C050.


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