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Workshop on comparing VET qualifications

The workshop built on and explored the interim findings of the Cedefop project 'Comparing vocational education and training qualifications: towards a European Comparative methodology’.

Seeking to develop a robust and scalable methodology for comparing the content and profile of qualifications, the project seeks to strengthen the ability of national and international qualifications experts to learn from each other and on this basis be able to systematically improve the review and renewal of qualifications.

The workshop looked into the conceptual challenges facing such a methodology as well as the technological opportunities currently emerging in this area.

The workshop gathered international experts and researchers working on comparative methodologies from different angles. 

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Agenda - Workshop comparing VET qualifications 28-29.11.2019

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Exploring and testing a reference point for VET comparison - Comparing VET Qualifications (WA 1 Draft Final report June 2019)

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Exploring gathering and analysing national qualifications data - Comparing VET qualifications (WA 2 Draft Final report October 2019)

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Using learning outcomes to compare the profile of VET qualifications - a global approach (Cedefop UNESCO November 2017)

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01. Comparing the content of qualifications across borders; the strengths and limitations of the learning outcomes approach- Jens Bjoranvold

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02. Building blocks for a European comparative methodology - S. Broek and K. Luomi-Messerer

EN3.49 MB

03. The VQTS model and its applications in European projects - Monika Auzinger

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04. Testing approaches to automatic comparison of qualifications in Poland - W. Stechly and M. Bedkowski

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05. Unesco World reference levels - John Hart

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06. Comparing VET excellence: exploring data from WorldSkills competitions - Jenny Shackleton

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07. Key question 1: Do we have a fixed point - what is our reference point for comparisons? - S. Broek and K. Luomi-Messerer

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08. Key question 2: Do we have the necessary data for comparison and where can we find those? K. Luomi-Messerer and M. Auzinger

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09. Key question 3: How can we balance human interpretation and automated analysis? - C. Plaimauer and M. Hudepohl

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ALL Presentation - Comparing VET Qualifications

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Event Details

28/11/2019 - 29/11/2019
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Event Contacts

Jens Bjørnåvold
Senior expert, project manager
Anastasia Pouliou
Maite Santos