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Workshop on analysing and comparing VET qualifications

The workshop presented the final findings of the Cedefop project 'Comparing vocational education and training qualifications: towards a European Comparative methodology’. Seeking to develop a robust and scalable methodology for comparing and analysing the content and profile of qualifications, the findings of the project is relevant to a wide range of purposes and stakeholders.

The workshop presented a series of use-cases where a systematic analysis and comparison of learning outcomes can support researchers, policy makers and practitioners involved in the development as well as review and renewal of skills and qualifications.

The workshop allowed for a discussion on how to strengthen the feed-back-loop between education and training and the labour market; and thus provide a better link between the supply and demand of skills and qualifications.  

The workshop gathered selected international experts and researchers working on comparative methodologies from different angles.


Agenda workshop comparing VET qualifications

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2021 Draft synthesis report - Comparing VET Qualifications towards a European comparative methodology

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2021 Draft research paper 1 - Improving the review and renewal of qualifications - The feedback loop

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01. Comparing the content and profile of VET qualifications Opportunities and challenges - J.Bjornavold

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02. Methodological lessons - K.Luomi-Messerer M.Auzinger S.Broek

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03. Applying methodological lessons - K.Luomi-Messerer M.Auzinger S.Broek

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04. Exploring the potential use of methodologies - I LeMouillour

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05. Transparency, recognition and progression - S Mendes

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06. Progress towards European core profiles breakout 3 - K Szebeni

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07. Discussion slide Breakout session 1 - review and renewal of qualifications

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08. Disscusion slide for breakout sessions 2 - transparency recognition and progression

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09. Discussion slide Breakout session 3 - Progress towards European core profiles

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Event Contacts

Mr. Jens Bjørnåvold
Senior expert, project manager
Anastasia Pouliou
Maite Santos

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Breakout 1

Breakout 2

Breakout 3

until 24/9/2021