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Competencies for Lifelong Learning - How to identify, develop and recognise them?

European Summer University for Research and Innovation in Lifelong Learning

European Summer University intends to set up a permanent network of Regions to exchange experiences on initiatives taken in the area of lifelong learning. The first three sessions addressed the challenges of Lifelong Learning (2003), life path management (2004) and mobility in the society of knowledge (2005).

In 2006 the prevailing theme is the issue of competencies. Through focusing on the questions - how to identify competencies, how to develop and recognise them? - it tries to re-open the discussion over this notion and its application in the labour organisation, in the composition of school curricula and in vocational training. The diversity of practices and experiences throughout Europe and in Quebec will help to clarify political measures for coaching and the new professions and practices that are emerging.

The 2006 session of the European Summer University will compare and confront experiences and innovations and provide an opportunity for exchange among different cultures and traditions. An exchange of projects will be organised to facilitate the emergence of European projects with an interregional dimension."


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18/09/2006 - 21/09/2006
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