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Cedefop's skill mismatch and skill obsolescence survey

Cedefop is organising the second meeting on skill mismatch and obsolescence survey. The aim of this meeting is to discuss the underlying development concepts, the structure and the framing of the questions prepared for the first draft of the master questionnaire of the survey. Cedefop’s skill mismatch and skill obsolescence survey will be carried out in all EU-27 Member States in 2013.

During the second expert group meeting, participants will:

  • contribute to the final technical specifications and planning of the survey;
  • influence key issues and development concepts underlying the structure of the survey and the selection of the questions;
  • suggest alternative methodological and empirical approaches to improve or complement the proposed questionnaire;
  • scrutinise the proposed questions, identify potential deficiencies in the draft survey and propose improvements and/or an alternative framing to the questions of the survey;
  • identify potential issues of research and policy interest that can be addressed following the completion of the data collection exercise.

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