About Spain

Battling the deepest recession in decades, Spain has returned to economic growth only in 2014. The country’s unemployment rate is still high above the EU average and employment declined during the period of 2011-2016. The labour market continues to pose a number of challenges for the education and training system; VET policy measures have been taken to improve employability (and self-employment in particular) of young people and the long-term-unemployed by improving their skills and qualifications.

Spain is on track to improve in forthcoming years. The employment is expected to grow substantially till 2030, driven by financial services, education and construction. Occupations in services shall also rise strongly: customer clerks, legal & social associate professionals and office associate professionals are expected to have most new jobs openings. Almost half of total job openings (including replacements for vacated jobs) till 2030 will need high qualification level. Spain still offers a lot of job opportunities for people with low qualifications; however these will shrink substantially in forthcoming years.

VET System in Spain

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