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The forum aims to draw on lessons from current work conducted by the OECD, Cedefop, and other research and international organisations on the implications of the green economy for skills development and training policies. These insights will contribute to the OECD’s Green Growth Studies such as the LEED projects on Measuring the Potential of Green Growth, Improving the effectiveness of green local development initiatives and to Cedefop’s Green Skills activities, which contribute to the European Commission’s initiative on New Skills for New Jobs. The Forum also provides insights for the Rio+20 process and the G20 pillar on the "Framework for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth" and the G20 work on "Development".

A transition to a low carbon economy is only possible by developing the skills, knowledge and competences required by resource-efficient, sustainable processes and technologies, and integrating these into our businesses and communities. While effective development strategies and activities for these skills are necessary to achieve green growth, their success relies on an integrated approach with other areas of workforce development and public policy.

The Green Skills forum is an opportunity to gather the latest insights on (1) what firms, trade unions and other organisations are already doing to foster the potential of green growth through skills development activities; (2) how strategies for green skills are integrated with other areas of workforce development and (3) tools and directions for further research.


The aim of this international forum of researchers, government advisers, employment and policy analysts and social partners actively involved in skills development and training needs for a low carbon economy is to review and discuss new research and policy approaches to foster a greener, more sustainable future.

It will identify tools, strategies and local initiatives from theory to practice. The forum is conceived as an experts’ meeting; the discussions will assist OECD and CEDEFOP to draw future analytical work and research as well as to identify the obstacles and challenges lying ahead for the development of skills, education and training policies for a low carbon economy.

The conference papers, discussions and exchanges are expected to:  

• facilitate the understanding of the limitations and potentials inherent in research and policy approaches tackling key skills issues for a successful transition to a low carbon economy;

• compare methods and tools used in monitoring and evaluating developments in the green economy and local labour markets;

• indicate how research can support better targeted policy making and skills strategies;

• provide inspiration and ideas for future research and collaboration; and

• provide information for processes towards the Rio+20 and G20 related meetings.


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