A high level event 'Skilling up for jobs in cities - Making the most of the urban agenda for the EU' took place on 21 September in Rotterdam. It was organised by EUROCITIES and the city of Rotterdam. 

The aim of the event was to promote a political debate among city politicians and high level representatives from the EU institutions on how to build on the role of cities in the skills development field: in particular, politicians had the opportunity to express the need for a Urban Partnership on jobs and skills, and to cooperate with member states and the EU institutions in the framework of the New Skills Agenda for Europe. Local authorities are cited as key actors in implementing the forthcoming Skills Guarantee announced by the Commission.
There were 160 participants from all over Europe as well as international organisations, such as OECD-LEED and ILO, business organisations, such as Business Europe and CSR Europe, NGOs and other relevant stakeholders.

Cedefop's Irene Psifidou gave a speech on Early leaving from VET: putting the role of local authorities centre stage, where she focused on the different roles that local authorities may have to tackle the phenomenon at regional and local level. In particular for addressing early leaving from education and training, the intervention of and collaboration with local authorities is vital. Read her speech and presentation to learn more.

A summary of the event, including all information and background documents can be found online at Cities can guide smart skills investment.


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