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Empowering the young of Europe to meet labour market challenges

Findings from study visits 2009/10
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This publication presents findings from 53 study visits during 2009/10 focused on preparing and supporting youth integration into the labour market and reducing unemployment among young people. This is one of European priorities supported by the Youth on the move initiative which focuses on policies and practices to support flexible learning modes and pathways for young people, easing their transition from education and training to the labour market and developing their entrepreneurial skills and competences.

Group reports prepared by participants during the study visits were the main information source, from which 35 successful initiatives were selected. These were presented at the Cedefop seminar on 28 February and 1 March 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

This publication is aimed at increasing awareness and understanding among decision-makers and practitioners of how European countries deal with specific challenges within education and training. It should also help them find partners for cooperation projects and networks.


Vorbereitung der jungen Menschen in Europa auf die Herausforderungen des Arbeitsmarkts

TI-31-11-324-DE-CISBN: 978-92-896-0852-718/04/201228.71 MB

Empowering the young of Europe to meet labour market challenges

TI-31-11-324-EN-CISBN: 978-92-896-0853-414/12/201128.63 MB

Habilitar a los jóvenes europeos para enfrentarse a los retos del mercado laboral

TI-31-11-324-ES-CISBN: 978-92-896-0854-118/04/201229.37 MB

Préparer les jeunes d’Europe à relever les défis du marché du travail

TI-31-11-324-FR-CISBN: 978-92-896-0855-818/04/201229.16 MB

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