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Professional services - scope for more reform

Professional Services - Scope for more reform : Follow-up to the Report on Competition in Professional Services, COM(2004) 83 of 9 February 2004
Brussels, 5.9.2005
COM(2005) 405 final, (SEC(2005) 1064)

Professional services are a key sector of the European economy and are entrusted with the delivery of services of considerable public importance. Figures for 2001 show that business services generated turnover in excess of 1 281 billion Euros, or approximately 8% of total turnover of the EU. This generated more than 660 billion Euros of value added in 2001. Approximately one third of this can be attributed to professional services. The Irish antitrust authority for example has estimated that in Ireland expenditure on legal services alone in 2001 had reached 1140 million Euros, or nearly 1% of total GDP. In employment terms, other business services employed almost 12 million people in 2004, or 6.4% of total employment, up from 5.7% in 2002.

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