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OECD education at a glance 2007

Education at a Glance 2007, which has just been published today, analyses the impact on labour market returns of the massive expansion of education in OECD countries, particularly at the tertiary level. It looks at whether the increasing supply of well-educated labour has been matched by the creation of an equivalent number of high-paying jobs

The 2007 edition investigates the effects of expanding tertiary education on labour markets. Graduation rates from higher education have grown significantly in OECD countries in recent decades, but has the increasing supply of well-educated workers been matched by the creation of high-paying jobs? Or will everyone with a university degree some day work for the minimum wage? Using recent data and indicators comparable among OECD countries, Education at a Glance 2007 finds that the expansion of tertiary education has had a positive impact for individuals and national economies, and that there are, so far, no signs of an inflation of the value of qualifications.

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