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Is the design and management of the mobility scheme of the Leonardo da Vinci programme likely to lead to effective results?

Special Report from the Court of Auditors

The audit focused on mobility activities funded by the Leonardo programme.

The overall objective was to assess whether the design and management of the Lifelong Learning Programme’s (2007–13) Leonardo da Vinci mobility scheme is likely to lead to effective results.

The objectives of the audit were to assess whether:

  1. the design o f the programme took account o f relevant evaluations and studies and had an appropriate project life cycle management system;
  2. the operational elements of the programme, including the preparat ion of annual workprogrammes, the process of  publicity, promotion and provision of information and selection of projects to be funded, were well managed;
  3. there was a reporting system in place which enabled the Commission to measure the results and impact of the programme; and
  4. the system of control was adequate.

The audit covered the preparation of the Lifelong Learning Programme, which started in 2004, and the actual execution of the programme in 2007–08.

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