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Workshop on labour market information (LMI) for lifelong guidance

This workshop will have around 20 participants, mostly international experts in labour market information (LMI) and career guidance, with published research on the topic and selected promoters of relevant projects in the EU. The main purpose of this workshop will be to debate priorities in research and capacity development in LMI and information technologies (ICT) in European lifelong guidance (LLG) systems.

Topics to discuss include:

  • How to achieve successful integration of LMI in career guidance and career education;

  • How to better make use of ICT and diverse media to improve delivery of services to end users;

  • Which elements to prioritise in the capacitation of career development services in LMI and ICT.


LMI workshop - agenda

EN96.48 KB

LMI workshop - background paper

EN204.46 KB

ICT and LMI in Career Guidance, Jenny Bimrose, IER - Warwick University

EN1.75 MB

Current state of affairs in LLG policy across EU, Raimo Vuorinen, ELPGN

EN1.78 MB

Skills mismatches and guidance policies: bottlenecks on the labour market, Susanne Kraatz, European Parliament - Policy Department

EN496.8 KB

Useful yet relevant? Integrating labour market and skills intelligence within wider skills governance strategies, Konstantinos Pouliakas, Cedefop

EN1.51 MB

Making use of private and informal LMI: challenges for policy and practice, Tristam Hooley, University of Derby

EN4.32 MB

Skills and competences of professionals, Jaana Ketunen, IEE - University of Jyvaskyla

EN2.2 MB

Analysing online vacancies for LMI, Vladimir Kvetan, Cedefop

EN1.02 MB

Presentation of national cases: Initiative in focus: Het Beroepenhuis (Belgium), Mil Kooyman

EN2.64 MB

Presentation of national cases: eGuidance (Denmark), Elsebeth Nygaard

EN698.76 KB

Presentation of national cases: LMI for All (UK), Nick Sofrinou, IER, Warwick University

EN1.26 MB

Labour market information in Lifelong Guidance, LMI Lifelong Guidance

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LMI toolkits, LMI Lifelong Guidance

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Conclusions Workshop LMI in Guidance Final

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