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Skills supply and demand forecast

Preparing new set of updates

The workshop is regularly organised as a part of the works on Cedefop’s skills supply and demand forecasts.

This workshop will primarily focus on:

  • Discuss the timing of the future works and related updates.
    • Plans for engagement with National experts
    • Expected future refinements to the overall approach
  • Methodological developments
    • Presentation of scoped ideas for more substantial development
    • Ideas for extending the analysis to occupations by 3-digit ISCO may merit an entire session?
  • Data visualisation and outputs
    • Showcase different ideas for improvements to data visualisation and outputs 


Agenda of the meeting

EN143.85 KB

Rachel Beaven Production of Skills Supply and Demand Forecasts

EN1.19 MB

Rob Wilson, Forecasting skill demand and supply in Europe: Overview of 2nd 4 year programme 2012-2016

EN988.51 KB

Rachel Beaven, Session 1: Understanding the past and anticipating the future Overview of the new workplan

EN923.49 KB

Robert Stehrer, Session 2: Closer look at the roadmap Forecasting occupations and qualifications

EN1.73 MB

Rob Wilson, Session 2: Closer look at the roadmap Moving towards detailed analysis of occupations – use of expert opinion

EN923.12 KB

Eva Alexandri, Session 2: Closer look at the roadmap Potential impacts of Brexit and other macroeconomic issues

EN916.46 KB

Ben Kriechel, Session 4: Final look back Skills mismatch and imbalances

EN969.76 KB

Rachel Beaven, Session 4: Spreading the news around the world. Data visualisation as a tool for ICEs

EN1016.37 KB

Tim Grebe, Session 6: Spreading new around the world Sector / occupation reports (Focus on Future)

EN1.1 MB

G.A.Meagher, J. M. Dixon & R.A.Wilson, An Index of Structural Imbalance in European Labour Markets

EN455.12 KB

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De 24/11/2016 hasta 25/11/2016
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