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Skills for green jobs - technical validation workshop

Workshop outcomes

Cedefop in cooperation with the ILO organised a technical validation workshop on ‘Skills for green jobs’, which took place on 17 and 18 May 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland.

In 2009 Cedefop and the ILO launched a joint project on skills for green jobs, looking in particular at new and changing occupations and skills and at the identification of retraining needs linked to ‘green restructuring’ on the labour market. The primary focus was on examples of good practice in supplementing national policies designed for greening economies with skill needs identification and effective skills response strategies. Cedefop carried out country studies in six EU Member States: Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Spain, France and the UK; the ILO conducted studies in the following 15 countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mali, the Philippines, South Africa, Republic of Korea, Thailand, Uganda and the United States. All studies were based on the same research methodology and used the same criteria to select case studies, thus ensuring comparability.

The purpose of the workshop was to validate the findings of the Global synthesis report covering all 21 countries and the European synthesis report.

In particular:

  • to identify environmental challenges and effective skills response strategies;
  • to discuss changes on the labour market linked to greening the economy and related retraining needs;
  • to highlight current and future occupational changes and skills gaps and their implications for vocational training;
  • to make policy recommendations and propose further steps.

Please find below the presentations of speakers.



EN131.05 KB

Peter Szovics - Rational and objectives of the workshop

EN466.9 KB

Olga Strietska-Ilina - A global view

EN816.04 KB

James Medhurst - EU Synthesis Report

EN326.49 KB

Hélène Bégon - Mobilisation plan for green jobs in France

EN78.86 KB

Wendy Alfaro - The Costa Rican case

EN1.42 MB

William Mass - Coherence between ARRA and skills development in USA

EN106.36 KB

Mingfu Li - The Chinese perspective

EN130.97 KB

Johanna Togola - Agriculture in Mali

EN2.47 MB

Belynda Petrie - Low carbon economic growth in South Africa

EN205.26 KB

Farida Zaituni - the Astra case in Indonesia

EN1.52 MB

Luiz Caruso - Occupational change in Brazil

EN46.32 KB

Vipan Kumar - Green architects in India

EN743.32 KB

John David Kabasa - Plastic waste management in Uganda

EN4.76 MB

Andrew Raingold - Skills needs for green jobs in the UK

EN379.17 KB

Abdul Hye Mondal - Skills shortages for green jobs in Bangladesh

EN67.24 KB

Misung Jin - The case of the Republic of Korea

EN247.05 KB

Eduardo Garcia Gerboles - Gamesa: a company perspective

EN5.39 MB

Eduardo Garcia Gerboles - Gamesa: a company perspective - second presentation

EN3.89 MB

Rene Ofreneo - Skills development insights from PR case studies

EN1.86 MB

Amal Faltas - Skills response in Egypt

EN1.02 MB

Marion Krampe - Vocational training regulations and process behind them

EN1.52 MB

Elena Cuevas - The Spanish occupational observatory and their occupational research for green jobs

EN610.67 KB

Areeya Rojvithee - Identification of skills needs in the absence of established LMIS in Thailand

EN1.13 MB

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De 17/05/2010 hasta 18/05/2010
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International Labour Organisation, Geneva
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