The percentage of adult EU28 employees who attended any form of training (both non-formal and informal) in last twelve months. Based on results of Cedefop's European skills and jobs survey. Respondents were asked to respond whether they had undergone any of the following types of training for their current job:

  • Training courses attended mostly or only during work hours
  • Training courses attended mostly or only outside of work hours
  • Training whilst performing the regular job (e.g. instruction by a supervisor/coworker; using normal tools of work; job rotation; peer support; learning or quality circles)

The indicator measures the share of employees who attended any of the aforementioned forms of training during the year preceding the interview.

Around 40% of EU28 employees attended training courses mostly or only during work hours; 19% outside of work hours and 34% on-the-job training. Most adult training is employer-sponsored and is primarily motivated by the need to stay updated with the job’s changing skill needs/perform better in the job. Adult training tends to be biased against individuals with low education level and older-aged workers, inhibiting their opportunities for further skill development.