Indicator shows the percentage of jobs for which job-specific/technical skills are ranked as essential.

Based on results of Cedefop's European skills and jobs survey. Respondents were asked to score how important technical skills are for doing their job, where 0 means not at all important and 10 means essential. Scores equal to 10 were used to calculate the indicator. Job-specific skills were defined in the survey as :

  • Specialist knowledge needed to perform job duties;
  • Knowledge of particular products or services;
  • Ability of operating specialized technical equipment.

Job-specific skills typically have low transferability across different jobs. They tend to be relatively more important in some VET occupations, such as technicians (e.g. ICT, science and engineering), electrical or electronic trades or metal and machinery workers.

Although the indicator identifies only jobs in which job-specific skills are deemed to be essential, technical skills are very important for a higher share of EU28 jobs.