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What is the decision making tool (DMT)?
The DMT allows you to assess the transferability of lifelong guidance practices to your country/regional context. It is particularly helpful to assess the transferability of digital based practices, with rich labour market information.

Who is it for?
The tool serves policy planners and managers of careers support services such as employment services, school counselling services at national and regional level.

What does it provide?
It allows for users to rate practices they are interested in adopting according to their potential to fit the target context and target group(s)’ needs. The tool provides a structured reflection on factors which enable the transfer and adaptation of successful practices to new environments. Higher scores in the DMT mean that practices have a higher likelihood of being successful in the adopter’s context. Users who complete the DMT exercise are provided with a synthesis report which can be used to support proposals, projects and development choices.

How and when should it be used?
The tool should be used when potential adopters are planning to introduce an innovation in careers services. Potential promoters should try to have a clear idea about the challenges and objectives that need to be addressed. The DMT also allows for comparisons between practices, to decide which one is the most adequate.

Once you have selected the practices which you would like to have under you are ready to use the DMT. The online version is a user friendly, light version, free of redundancies.

A check list to help you
You can download here a check list reflecting the tool to help you reflect about the dimensions being analysed and support your exchange with relevant stakeholders.