Denmark (2021)

Denmark has in place mechanisms to ensure the portability of IVET learners' personal and study-related grants, loans and benefits. There are no tuition fees in Denmark because all education is free. In the Danish dual system students are covered financially in two ways:
- During the basic programme (20-40 weeks) the student receives an SU (state grant);
- During the main programme the student is obliged to have a contract with a company and receives wages in accordance with the corresponding collective agreement in the trade. If the student does not obtain a contract with a company, then s/he can attend the main programme or practical training in a Centre of Placement where s/he receives a grant equivalent to the SU (student grant).

The SU is portable during the basic programme and functions alongside the Erasmus+ grant, for example. During the main programme and in agreement with the company, the student can take his wages abroad with him. The company will be partly reimbursed by the Employers’ Reimbursement Fund. The whole funding and reimbursement arrangement applies to mobility lasting at least one month, including long-duration mobility (three months or more).