BERUFENET - since November 1994 (electronically). Preceeding project before November 1994 - GabI (in printed form).

Fully operational


Policy area

BERUFENET is an online career advice portal that contains information on future trends in several individual occupations.

Policy goal

Informing people in the labour market on career choice opportunities. It helps all interested parties (PES employees, journalists, politicians, company representatives, people who want to choose their career) to process information on the local, regional, and national labour market.

Part of broader programme, yet with explicit focus

The portal does not exclusively focus on skills mismatch, but career choices of individuals directly affect the extent of skills mismatch. With information provided on the portal, skills mismatch might become visible for participants in the labour market.

Administrative level
Main responsible body

Federal Employment Agency


The Federal Employment Agency funds and operates BERUFENET.


BERUFENET is funded by the German PES. No information on the amount of funding is publicly available.

Intended beneficiaries

According to the Federal Employment Agency, the tool is intended to be used by a wide audience, e.g. by youths, adults, people who want to make career choices, apprentices, people in tertiary education, people interested in participating in tertiary education, employees, unemployed, institutions, employees of the Federal Employment Agency, etc.


Use of labour market intelligence

Different LMSI from different sources (research institutes, federal offices and ministries, guild and chambers, associations) are used.

Financial schemes


Frequency of updates

The website is updated regularly (some areas daily, some monthly, some annually, and some due to certain events).


In December 2015, the interface of the website was updated to improve user-friendliness.


Internet access is required to access information on the website.

Success factors

In general, increasing availability and use of the internet should have broaden the user base of the instrument.


Progress could be measured by internet traffic/number of users. However, no information is publicly available if this is actually available.

Very innovative

Combination and preparation of qualitative and quantitative labour market information.


Evidence of effectiveness

No information is publicly available.

Engagement of stakeholders

BERUFENET is a service of the German PES for its customers and therefore does not rely strongly on input from external stakeholders.

Not easily transferable

Technically, it should be easily transferrable. However, success is dependent on data availability and user-friendliness.


There is no indication that the Federal Employment Agency will discontinue this instrument, and the internet will remain important in the future, as a channel for gathering information on skills.