Reference year 2019

    Understanding of apprenticeships in the national context

    Q2. Is there an official definition of ‘apprenticeship’ or ‘apprentice’ in your country?

    Although not underpinned by legislation, Scotland has developed a set of principles that will define what an apprenticeship is. These principles have been approved by the Minister and are published on Skills Development Scotland’s website -…

    Q3. At which level do apprenticeship schemes exist in your country?
    At upper secondary level
    At post-secondary (not tertiary)
    At tertiary level
    At sectoral level

    In Scotland, there are three Apprenticeship schemes (Foundation, Modern and Graduate) but the term “programme” is used to describe each of them. The three schemes are divided into individual Frameworks as each apprenticeship is described in a Framework document.

    Foundation Apprenticeships are aimed at those school pupils in the upper secondary school, predominantly those that are in S5 and S6 (final two years of school post age 16). Foundation Apprenticeships differ from the other apprenticeships in that the apprentice is not employed, rather they complete the apprenticeship whilst at school.  Foundation Apprenticeships are at SCQF level 6/EQF level 4. Further information can be found at… and also…

    Modern Apprenticeships help employers to develop their workforce by training new staff, and upskilling existing employees. For individuals, an MA is a job which lets them earn a wage and gain an industry-recognised qualification, such as a Scottish Vocational Qualification (for more information on the content of a Modern Apprenticeship, please see the dedicated scheme fiche and Q16 in particular). Modern Apprenticeships are aimed at those aged 16+. In a Modern Apprenticeship, the apprentice is employed and will undertake off-the-job training or on-the-job training or both depending upon the occupation.  Further information can be found at… and…

    Modern Apprenticeships are available at SCQF level 5/EQF level 3 through to SCQF level 12/EQF level 8 and include Modern, Technical and Professional apprenticeships:
    - Those that are available at SCQF levels 5 to 7/EQF levels 3 to 5 are branded as Modern Apprenticeships;
    - those that are available at SCQF levels 8 and 9/EQF levels 5 and 6 are branded as Technical Apprenticeships,
    - those at SCQF levels 10 to 12/EQF levels 6 to 8 are branded as Professional Apprenticeships.

    Graduate Apprenticeships provide work-based learning opportunities from SCQF level 9 (EQF level 6) up to Master’s degree level (SCQF level 11/EQF level 7) for employees.

    They have been created in partnership with industry and the further and higher education sector. The apprenticeships combine academic knowledge with skills development to enable participants to become more effective and productive in the workplace.  Further information can be found at… and at…

    Q4. How well-established are apprenticeship schemes in your country?
    A long history (before 2000)
    A recent history (in 2000s)
    Pilot scheme

    Foundation Apprenticeships were introduced from 2014 onwards.  There are now 12 Foundation Apprenticeship programmes (frameworks).  The number of programmes (frameworks) available has increased for 2018/19 from 10 to 12 growth sectors.
    1.             Engineering – from 2014
    2.             Civil Engineering – from 2015
    3.             Financial Services – from 2015
    4.             Social Services and Healthcare – from 2015
    5.             Social Services: Children and Young People – from 2015
    6.             IT Hardware Systems Support – from 2016
    7.             IT Software Development – from 2016
    8.             Business Skills – from 2016
    9.             Creative and Digital Media – from 2017/18
    10.           Scientific Technologies – from 2017/18
    11.           Food and Drink Technologies – from 2018/19
    12.           Accountancy - from 2018/19

    Modern Apprenticeships were introduced in the mid 1990s and are well established.  As of January 2019, there are over 80 apprenticeship programmes (frameworks) available to employers and apprentices:…

    Graduate Apprenticeships were introduced from 2014 onwards and there are currently 12 Graduate Apprenticeship programmes (frameworks).