The good practices and resources shared on this website are available for all education professionals (especially in secondary, both general and vocational), young people as well as political leaders combating early school leaving and youth unemployment.


Date of creation of toolkit and periodicity of updates

Established in 2018, updated every two months.

Purpose of the toolkit

MyE2O aims to improve teaching and learning processes in order to reduce the early school leaving and youth unemployment rates.

Description of each of the tools

MyE2O shares good practices related to 5 key topics:

  • Principle 1: Recognition of public administrations
  • Principle 2: Professional and social integration
  • Principle 3: Development of professional and social skills
  • Principle 4: Collaboration with the business sector
  • Principle 5: Networking

Each good practice includes a description explaining the key success factors. It may offer additional resources to download. Some information are only available to Second Chances Schools.

Type of indicators used in the identification of learners at risk of early leaving


Type of guidance given to users

The tool provides guidance on how to help early school leavers and unemployed youth. Second Change Schools share their good practices to inspire others and improve their own practices. The material and resources shared on the website can be used by other entities to prevent early school leaving.

Source of information of the different tools

The tool was developed by the Spanish Association of Second Chance Schools (E2O España) in collaboration with all its members.

Link/s to the toolkit and further information

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