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Actvise Handbook



Practitioners in secondary education (interested in forum plays).

Country/ies or organisation that developed the tool

EU/International - VIFIN; HUMAK; UU Vejle; Hammersmith and Fullham

Date of creation of toolkit and periodicity of updates

May-November 2012

Purpose of the toolkit

Guidance on best practices (to improve the design of policies and practices)

Focus on methods used with students, in relation to communication skills, vocation and education (but all exercises can be used with other target groups and for other purposes).

Description of each of the tools

Interactive handbook providing practitioners with guidance on how to implement forum theatre and plays. 

Type of guidance given to users

The website provides step-by-step guidance on how to implement forum plays: 1) rehearsal period/pre-activity; 2) forum theatre event/performance (a. introduction/warm-up, b. performance, c. evaluation); 3) after the performance/post-activity.

Forum plays are used to discuss dilemmas/ conflicts between participants. The facilitator collects the types of issues to work on, via:

  • simply collecting written notes (not digital) or personal emails for the teacher
  • encouraging participants to post their stories, dilemmas and/or conflicts on a blog
  • having participants take a picture or video clip describing a conflict/situation - it could be a picture of their dream job and the difficulties they face to reach it, or situations/themes they struggle with in school, conflicts with parents/teachers/counsellors, etc.

This material is then analysed and the best suited scenarios are chosen.

Source of information of the different tools

Partners of the LLP project

Link/s to the toolkit and further information


The online version of the Actvise project handbook