About VET support policies - financing, guidance, validation

VET support policies and systems encompass three transversal themes: - lifelong guidance, validation of non-formal and informal learning, and financing VET/adult learning. We also provide information on other incentives directly supporting individuals in their learning and career, and companies in providing learning opportunities.

The EU 2020+ policy agenda emphasises a need for smooth individual pathways for learning, employment, and career development; these will enable and empower all individuals to improve their competences to find more opportunities to engage in work, learning, and society, and to shape their own career development and the world around them. the policy agenda also stresses the need to support companies, in particular SMEs, in developing their employees' skills in order to remain competitive, innovative and capable of managing and shaping change.

The activities carried out both, across and within the three long-standing themes at Cedefop aim at creating and consolidating new knowledge and helping policy-makers and other stakeholders to develop coherent, coordinated and integrated support policies and systems.