Peer-learning event investigates guidance and counselling on entrepreneurial learning and career management for the self-employed

Two concepts come together in the definition of entrepreneurship education.   The first relates to the idea of entrepreneurship as a general mindset: education for entrepreneurial attitudes and skills focuses on the development of personal qualities rather than directly on the creation of new enterprises. The second covers training aimed specifically at helping people create and successfully run a business.

Despite some references to the importance of both these concepts, policymakers have not adequately addressed the role guidance and counselling can play as a factor contributing to such learning .  

For this reason, Cedefop is preparing a Europe-wide study on actions and initiatives that integrate guidance into entrepreneurship learning, both in vocational education and training (VET) and in higher education.  It also explores guidance provision that supports entrepreneurs at beginning of their business start-up. The study covers European Union and European Economic Area countries. 

The findings of this study will be discussed in a peer-learning event held in Thessaloniki on 25-26 November*. The focus will be on measures being applied in the Member States to provide guidance for entrepreneurial learning and career management to self-employed young people and adults.  

Participants will identify whether, and in what way, their own country promotes entrepreneurship within the education and training system. They will also draw lessons from national examples of guidance provision that will be presented in detail, and from the findings of Cedefop’s study. 

The event aims to raise awareness of how guidance can help entrepreneurs learn; to identify the skills guidance professionals themselves need to develop in order to provide services to the self-employed; and to suggest future policy directions and on this issue.  


 *Global Entrepreneurship Week, a global event promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education, will be held 15-21 November.