Prepara is a protection mechanism, in force since 2011, introduced as an urgent measure for the critical economic situation arising in Spain since the beginning of the crisis in 2008. It is aimed at people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and combines retraining measures and professional reinsertion programmes with financial support.

The programme consists of job placement, guidance services and retraining managed by public employment services (PES) of the autonomous communities, or the national PES in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, with financial monthly support from the National Public Employment Service (SEPE).

The Prepara programme provides beneficiaries with:
  • individualised and personalised career guidance and orientation that includes analysis of their employability, as well as measures of improving it;
  • retraining programmes for professional development and obtaining the necessary skills for job placement;
  • financial support, up to 75% of the public income indicator multiple effect (IPREM), for a maximum of six months. The subsidy was EUR 450 per person in 2013.No person shall benefit more than once from this programme.

Evaluation of Prepara revealed that two thirds of beneficiaries (307 029 people) did not end up with a job, 18% obtained a job within two months, and fewer than 1% obtained a permanent contract.

The Prepara programme will be automatically extended until unemployment falls below 20 %.

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