Mascil (mathematics and science for life) is a project financed by the European Union’s seventh framework programme with the principle aim to promote enquiry-based mathematics and science teaching in primary and secondary schools, connect it with the world of work and encourage young Europeans’ interest in careers related to science and technology.

The Spanish institutions Divulgación Dinámica,a member of the national association of e-learning and distance centres ANCED, are project partners among other European institutionsrepresenting 13 countries.

From 2014, the Mascil project offers professional development courses supported by teachers from vocational education and representatives from industry for pre- and in-service teachers. Teachers taking part in these training courses will experience enquiry-based teaching methods and be able to integrate these into their school practice through interactive cycles of implementation followed by reflection.

Participants will also develop tasks in vocational contexts, leading to a European repository of enquiry-based tasks, which can be reached online via An e-learning platform and a forum will make it possible for teachers to profit from the international perspective of Mascil.

Mascil intends to reach more than 65 000 teachers directly and 800 000 teachers indirectly via stakeholders and the media.

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