On 30 May Cedefop had the pleasure of receiving two delegations of visitors: the Board of Directors of the National Agency for Higher Vocational Education of Sweden; and eight vocational education teachers from Ptuj School Centre, Slovenia.

Project Manager Loukas Zahilas gave the groups an overview of new approaches to qualifications and recent developments concerning the common European instruments. Eleonora Schmid, Assistant to the Director, offered  insights on the European policy context.

As the body responsible for the implementation of the European tools in Sweden, the National Agency for Higher Vocational Education was able to present its work at the ECVET workshop being held at Cedefop on the same day. 

Meanwhile, the Slovenian delegation, which is involved in the implementation of curricular reform, attended a presentation on related topics. As a bonus, the presentation – offered by Cedefop’s Slava Pevec Grm – was given in the delegation's mother tongue, Slovene.


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